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Country streak challenge: Different locations

I played two games of country streak with a friend using a challenge link I created and at some rounds we started at different locations in different countries. Refreshing didn't resolve this and after we guessed our (different) countries, each one was correct, and in the next round we started at the same locations as if nothing happened.

Some things I noticed:
Sometimes the round seemed to load longer for one of us before this happened. Furthermore, there are somehow two additional random people in the summary of our first game, although we never shared the link with anyone else. These two random accounts have only played our game, according to their statistics.
I also noticed that the URL of my current game changed several times.

My only guess for the cause of all of this is that maybe it's because two people are loading a round at the same time. But that is just a guess and hasn't been tested.
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  • Ignore the point with the random accounts. My friend thought he wasn't in my game anymore and tried to fix the problem by using a temporary account without telling me...
  • I do have noticed that some points are not the same when I'm playing with friends on the same url for Country streak.
    Pretty sure it's really a problem I encountered multiple times.

  • Can confirm, this problem occurred to me and a friend as well. The ninth location was a different country. We were in a voice chat, I told my friend my correct solution and she failed the country streak.

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