country streak

Last night I did a country streak of 25 or 26. Today it shows my country streak as zero. What happened? Thanks.
Adrian Bailey


  • I got a streak of I think 61 yesterday and today it starts at zero. I am really disappointed. Also, I got a lot of the same countries over and over so I think I visited one 4 times and another three times etc.

    My highest streak is also at zero for "streak" games which it should not be, I would think.
  • I just found out through my niece that I can click on "Ongoing Games" in the sidebar and your old game will show up there with the correct streak count. Just click "Resume" for that game. If you go into it from the main page, it just starts a new game.
  • Yes, I also discovered my streak in unfinished games!
    Dadge City
  • Hi,

    The stat doesn't update until the streak is finished. I guess it could be a good idea to update it even if the streak is ongoing.. I'll add that to our backlog.

    And yeah if you have an ongoing streak you can find it in you current games,

  • I was in the middle of a streak, I was at 37. I was continuing on from a streak of around 27 yesterday and then I got an error message and my streak has gone. It is not in my current games. Is there any chance of getting it back?
    Vicky Eves
  • Hi Vicky,

    Do you still have the ID of it? If so I can have a look at it.


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