Country Battle is all broken

As of about 30 minutes ago, there's a big problem that's started happening in Battle Royale. I haven't tested it in Distance Battle but it's probably broken as well.

The issue is that the timer doesn't work properly. If you make a guess in the "grace period" (gold timer), nothing happens when the gold timer is up. If the timer runs out entirely, nothing happens - the game doesn't move to the new round. In some cases, it does work but the delay is like 10 seconds after the timer runs out.

An instant fix is to refresh the page, where everything comes to their proper state and you find out if you guessed right in the lock period or passed to the next round at all. Restarting my browser didn't fix it.

In the gif linked here I make my guess at 0:07, the timer runs out at 0:12, and I refresh the page at 0:17. When the page is finished refreshing, it's revealed I guessed incorrectly and I am able to make a new guess.


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