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Couldn't sign up (says password is set, but not what it is and can sign in) then email banned

My son tried to sign up, but it kept saying that the password was set, but not what it was, so he couldn't sign in again (always signed in on his phone, but couldn’t sign in on another device). After several attempts, he deleted his email and account to start again, but now it says that his email has been temporarily banned. How can we solve this/ how long does the ban last?



  • The ban lasts for 3 months. Send an email to with the email and I can unban it manually.
  • I have a problem. When I try to log in to my account, it says that my email has been temporarily banned from sign ups. How can I fix this ? thanks
  • Hello,
    It's because you've deleted your account. You need to wait 3 months before you can use your email to create a new one.
  • hello i just wanna say that in geogessr u can still cheat, in competitive
    pls fix that is so annoying and its not fun to play.

  • thank you
    azi krool

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