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Couldn't connect to the server / Game jumps from 1st round to 3rd.

I have following issue, I tried to play challenge mode with my friends several times but after first round there is always some issue: message that "couldn't connect the server" or game jumps from 1 st round to 3 rd( and on the map location from lvl 2 is displayed). Or it jumps from 2nd round to 4th (and shows location from lvl 3).

Map European Union / Famous Places - internet connection is stable.
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  • " Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request) "


    Logs from console.
  • Hi Kamil

    Sorry for the late reply! Are you experiencing this problem frequently, or only once or twice? If you still have the challenge url it would be great if you can post it here to make it easier to investigate!


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