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Could not contact the server to start a new game

For a few days now I tried playing the unofficial map "European stadiums" yet I always get the message "Could not contact the server to start a new game" when I try to start a game. If this is due to limited server capacity caused by insufficient funds, you should try implementing a preference for paying customers so these can always play without these problems. Otherwise I don't see any reason for anyone to become a "pro-user" because I surely don't, which is why I'm not.
So fix it, if the cause isn't what I assume, otherwise change your customer policy to give user an incetive to go pro.
And if a real human replies to this, my email used was a 10 minute mail which does not exist anymore, so put it in your forum (without the last sentence of course 😉 )
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  • Hi,
    Sorry for the inconvenience, it looks like the map doesn't have any locations anymore that's why it's not possible to play. It should definitely not be still be visible if it isn't possible to play it, we'll look into it!

    thanks for the feedback

  • 90% of the custom made maps are unplayable for some reason. Pretty annoying.

  • The problem seems to be very important! One of my maps have this server error and when I open it in the editor, the locations are all removed! I got lucky as the map was just 5 places so I'll be able to restore it, but imagine if my 10000+ locations map had the same problem? Good thing I did a backup with the API before leaving on travel... I can't check all my other maps now, maybe I lost more maps... but it's clear I'll have to backup everything when I'll be back home as I can't trust the game saving system now...

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