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"Could not contact the server" glitch

For the second time in as many days, I spent ages pinpointing a difficult location on the map, made a guess, and had Geoguessr tell me I was thousands of kilometers off the mark. I realized the common denominator was an error message: "Ouch! Could not contact the server to make a guess. Try again?"

When I select "try again," it reloads and places the guess, but it's way off. I was at this location:,-109.66...

and I should have landed within meters of the location, but it said I was 12,847 kilometers off.

The location must have changed when I clicked "try again," because the challenge URL lands somewhere in Asia:

There was no indication that the location had changed until I got my score. This is really frustrating.

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  • This happened to me before if I lost internet connection and then regained it, maybe this is the problem.

  • I think that must be the problem, Adam. It's happened to me a few times now.

    It's just strange that (a) it only started happening to me recently, and (b) if the connection does drop out, it resets the location without any indication.

    So if I'm on the last of five locations in a game and I'm in Wyoming, and then my internet drops out after I submit by guess, it doesn't reload with a whole new game, and it doesn't reload the same location in Wyoming, it reloads and puts you somewhere else on the world map. Because it's actually resubmitting the guess you've made, there's no way to remedy this. It's going to lodge my guess as Wyoming even if I'm in Thailand.

    The only solution I've found is to select "cancel" instead of "try again [to submit your guess]" when the error message pops up, and then close the game and come back to it later. If I had done that with this game, it would have brought me back to Wyoming and I could have made a correct guess.

    Even if this is due to a connection error, it's a glitch I hope Geoguessr will examine. It's not uncommon for people's internet to drop out, and when that happens, it should pick up where you left off, not reload with a new location.

  • This has been happening for almost 24 hours. It's not the Internet connection as everything else works fine. Loved this until now, and now hesitant to recommend to anyone else if it won't work.

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry for the issues lately. We've had some problems with the site that have caused it to crash a lot. This should be fixed now which hopefully solves the issues you've experienced. Please let us know if this still is a problem.

    Thanks for reporting in.


  • I have this problem, I'm a new user

  • Hi guys, please let us know if this is still an issue.

  • I haven't had this issue since I last posted, Erland. Thanks for asking!
  • Great to hear! Just let us know if it should happen again!
  • This still seems to be a problem....
  • I've been writing to you about this for months ... no-one seems to want to fix it!  Pity, I really enjoyed GeoGuessr, but I'm pulling the plug!

    Tony B
    Tony B
  • Hi Tony

    Sorry about the delay, we've been looking in to this but the problem is that we can't replicate this on our end which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. Have you noticed this problem more frequently on any specific maps? It would also be helpful to know which browser you are using?

  • Still a problem

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