Cool new game mode idea

Today I got a very great idea - GeoGuessr Team Duels but on a world strategy map. Each player in a team gets one country where they start from and people conquer countries by invading a bordering country and getting a good score (maybe 4000+) on it. When they attack a country owned by one of the people from the other team they get into a duel with them lasting 1 round and whoever gets the better score wins and gets/retains the country. In the end the team that wins is the one that conquers all of enemy team's countries until they have none. I think this is a remarkable idea and would be immensely interesting to play, a GeoGuessr strategy game.


  • Hi,

    Really fun that you mentioned this one since we have discussed the concept before as a cross-over by Risk/GeoGuessr! We will see if we are able to work more on such a game mode in the future, would be fun in the context of PWF and Teams.
  • This is one of the best suggestions I've seen here
    Yanis Briffaut

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