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Constant Black Screens

I've recently started to really get into this game, but unfortunately about 99% of the time I simply can't because there is only a black screen to look at. The World, Canada, Landmarks, etc... they're all just black screens. I've been able to play a few with 1 or 2 black screens out of the 5 but most of the time all 5 are completely black. I am able to see the locations while reviewing the Game Breakdown. I've tried going into a private window with no extensions, in both Firefox and Chrome, I've tried clearing cache and rejoining games, but nothing is working.

Does anyone know any more solutions? I'd hate to drop this game.
Joshua Ward


  • Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for the HAR-file on email, we will look into this.

    You can change the DNS-server or disable Hardware Accelerator and see if it works.

  • I have tried just about everything and my game doesn't work I paid for pro to see if that would help and it hasn't i would like to be able to play a game I paid for is there some sort of client I can download that would get rid of this because it definitely is not my connection.
    Jacob Taylor
  • Hi Jacob,

    We do not have a client Im afraid. Does it work with another device for you or is it the same issue there?


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