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Consider keeping an updates blog / change log

It's neat, as a fellow web-developer, to see updates being pushed out on this website. It must be so much fun to develop new features. I only found it back in August 2020 and have really grown to enjoy it.

I believe since joining (correct me if I'm wrong) but you've added country Explore mode.
Then you added Battle Royale in, what, December?
Then in the last week or so you've added the 50/50 tool to BR.
And just in the last 24 hours you added ranking, XP, and game stats for BR as well.

All very welcome additions! But... when did they happen? You're not even tooting your own horns here!

A simple change log / updates blog would be great to let us see what's been going on inside the heads of the GeoGuessr crew. I'd even suggest turning comments off so to not draw attention away from this forum if it's an external blog. Otherwise, putting a changelog on some settings page would be pretty much all I need.

I'm not the first to suggest this: Release Notes - Community - GeoGuessr ( (April 2018)
Kyle G


  • Fully agree, would be much appreciated.
    Its not needed to have a full blown blog post about each update. A short list of bullet points per version would already be interesting!
  • I agree as well. I am also a developer and have recently started posting change logs for my users so that they can follow my progresses with the system. Look at what or are doing. That is really great but as mentioned above, just simple bullet points under a link in the left nav in the game would suffice! I for one would love to subscribe for updates and changes as well as being part of beta tests, etc.
    Jonas Birkelöf
  • more thing... GitHub is great for publishing progress, roadmaps, changes, bug reports, bug tracking, etc.
    Jonas Birkelöf
  • Hi!

    Good suggestion indeed to make it more visible to everyone when new changes, bug-fixes or launches are made.

    I will take this up with the team to see what we can do moving forward!


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