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Confused new user

I just signed up, first time playing.  How many rounds are in a game?  It looked like it was supposed to be 5.  It replied to my first guess and second guess, but for the 3rd guess the screen just went white.  I went back to the start page, and it says my game is over for today.  Can't recommend this to anyone if this is how it works.
Doug Edmunds


  • If you go in "ongoing games" on the left menu you should be able to resume the game.
  • Hi Doug,

    did it work to resume the game? It's possible that a location could be "broken" or that something happens when loading it.
    If you want to try it out for real sign up for a pro subscription (it's a 10 days free trial and you can cancel at any time) then you can play as much as you want!

  • It was there in ongoing games, ready for round 4.   I never did see the results of round 3. Thanks.
    Doug Edmunds

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