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I want to complain about the Jordan map made by Geoguessr. There is trolling. I always get a random pic of a highway in the middle of nowhere. It is impossible in my point of view to guess the place. I would like you to review the map and fix the problem thank you. I really hate trolling. 😀


  • It's not trolling (how people can think devs would be trolling? wtf). That's just how 90% of the Google Street View coverage is in Jordan. The country is quite empty with mostly long roads in dry areas which makes it not easy to create a map with enough locations without including those roads. It would end in a map that mostly contains Amman. I myself spent quite a lot of time trying to find pinpointable locations for my maps and barely found a few hundreds which is far from being enough for a map dedicated to a country.
  • fix your stuff black screens are not fun
  • I'm very displeased with this game, it should be free. we'll be contacting my lawyer.

    michael stonebridge
  • If you contact him, can you see with him if he can do something about Google increasing the prices too much for GeoGuessr to stay free? Thank you.
  • i guessed buthan and it was right but it says that it is india 


  • please remove this player and offensive icon from this website. Thanks!
  • Hi Peter,

    I have sorted this. For the future we have a reporting tool which can be found here.

  • Thank you! we really appreciate the quick response!
  • this isn't normal is it

  • Minutes ago a I had pointed the Country # 156 of my streak, Geoguessr said "Something unexpected happened" and now there isn't any Ongoing Game and my country streak record is now 0!
  • Hey Guys, I was just guessing my 403rd Country and I was 100% sure it was Eswatini but unfortunately we got kicked out of the Game.
    PLS FIX!!!!!!!
    Ronja Quasiland
  • Whenever I enter a game my screen goes completely black, I have tried restarting but nothing works.
  • Stop with Geoguessr....

  • I was playing explorer mode in Uganda, but the right answer was a location in Kenya

    Perry V
  • In relation to the USA State Streak Map I selected Maryland which is where Capitol Heights Station is listed as being BUT I got it wrong as Geogusser said it was the District of  Columbia which I would like to point out is not a State of the USA
  • I feel like I have been duped by this game. It is simply not functional using my iPad on the geoguessr website, and the app ( while working better ) doesn’t recognize my pro membership or offer any variety of games. A sneaky joke on tablet/phone users.
  • was soll der Müll früher konnte man noch spielen jetzt alles kaufen so ne Scheiße man das war ein nices Spiel

    While I can certainly understand the decision to monetize such a popular and entertaining game, I cannot help but feel a little disappointed in the fact that while at least the "World" challenge of the game used to be free for all to enjoy, It appears that this is no longer the case. The fact that I can only play a single game at any given day is outrageous, to be frank.

    I voice my utmost displeasure and hope you will find it to be the right decision to once more let all enjoy your good game.

    Alexander Platz
  • I have played Greenland and got 24k, yet I didn't get a medal. It even says I haven't played the map yet. I mean I can play the map again and just get the medal, but it's really annoying, and what if that just happens again. Is there any way to fix this?
    Aleksa BG
  • I was playing Deutschland and a point was in Österreich :

  • When I review a location I'd really love to give 5 star and say I liked it because it was hard or challenging. Also give less star and say I didn't like it because it was too easy.

    At the moment only the other way round is possible...
  • Love your game, but...

    I had a 156 country streak going and you dropped me on sand dunes in the middle of what appeared to be a jungle. I panned the whole 360 degrees. No sign of human life except for the cameraman. I rode with him for half an hour. Sand dunes and more sand dunes in a big circle.

    Even someone who had been at that precise location six months ago couldn't identify it, what with the shifting sand. UNFAIR!!! You've ruined three of my best streaks with impossible to guess places.

    NO MORE WALK-AROUNDS in the streak game!!!
  • I keep the country list of each streak, it's very helpful considering that Geoguessr is an algorithm. When you find yourself in one of these "show-stopper" situations the location is always in acountry where you've ve alreaby been (many thimes or a single one).
    Then you've to go by exclusion, in this way I've guessed the location of a ruined castle on deserted mountains (Jordan) or a walk on a top of a mountain in company of an armed ranger (Uganda).
    And if you're in doubt between South Africa and Lesotho, well it's always Lesotho 😀

  • Wrecked my USA states streak with incorrect Google maps state location
    Corner Eastern Ave NE & 30th St
    The middle of Eastern Ave is the border of Maryland & District of Columbia.
    The starting position was definitely on the Maryland side of the street and that's what i guessed but got it wrong
    I then checked it on google maps and placed myself on exactly the same position on the Maryland side of the street but Google maps incorrectly showed position as District of Columbia
  • What is wrong with joining in battle royale ? Last few day only 4-5 players start game.. I'm 39 lvl
  • I'm 47 lvl - and 1-2 players of every lobby always 5Head-insta-lockers-superminds silvers which are impossible to beat. Oh,no devs, just ffs let me win!!!
  • Having to log in to my account to stop you from sending me emails is really out-dated and aggravatingly anoying.

    Emails from you sould contain unsubscribe links or link directly to settings without having to log in.
  • I like GeoGuesser so far, but any way you can do something about the cheaters?  It's hard to know where you really stand with so many people out there cheating.  I mean, a road in the middle of the desert in Mongolia and someone guesses perfect with a 5k score?  Not possible

  • Hi,

    I purchased on April 12 of 2021 a yearly subscription which was removed with no reason today, April 21 of 2021. The subscription was active yesterday so I don't understand wy it has been removed.

    Thanks for your time
  • I really enjoy the detective work required to play this game. However, I'm getting very frustrated with what seems to be inaccurate flag positions after spending lots of time identifying the exact location the photo was taken, the flag shows it 22 metres away. For example, the Tower of London photo on Famous Places map 01/05/21 is taken obviously on the ramparts but the flag is positioned in the courtyard below which could not see the Thames from that position. It makes my efforts worthless and is spoiling the game for me. I hope you can be more accurate?
  • Unfortunately they can't. The problem is from Google Maps (especially with photospheres uploaded by Google Maps users), not the game so they can't fix it.

    The only thing they could do is to increase the safe distance that always give 5000 points (for now it's 15m but I would personally jump it to 50m).
  • Well that's sad. I use google maps and on street view I can get exactly the same photo as used in the game so why can't they flag the right photo location as it's obviously in their system? It's spoiling the game for me. Also I'm surprised at how few "Famous Places" are used compared with the almost limitless choice available. Sometimes they have 2 photos of the same  location in the very same Challenge!
  • The problem lies in how the Google Maps API works (API = the interface between Google and the users). Basically the game asks Google a picture at specific coordinates (the ones where the answer will be placed). Those coordinates correspond to a picture that was available when the map was created. The API will then return a picture located around those coordinates. Normally it should be the same picture but if the data changed since (for example someone uploaded another picture nearby) then the API is very likely to select this other picture which will have a different position. This causes the shift between what you see and what the game will tell as the right answer.

    Google Maps API is very limited, to get a picture you basically throw coordinates and hope for the best and it is hard to work with it correctly in places filled with photospheres, which is the case for almost all the famous places (people like to take 360 pictures and upload to Google Maps). And since those pictures often have poor coordinate precision and Google doesn't verify all of them we end up with sometimes very misplaced pictures.

    As for the famous places map each place has multiple locations to offer different views for more variety. Sometimes you'll have the same place twice (or more) but that's not really a bug. You can find more "famous places" maps made by the community. I recommend the UNESCO World Heritage Sites map made by Simi.

  • I really feel that my guess should have been counted as correct :-) I'm glad I wasn't on a longer streak.
  • Hey, did you mean to utterly eliminate single-player functionality when you brought Battle Royale to the iPad app this morning?
  • Quin
  • see my post above, Quin. a wrong country mentioned in our streak. The right country is Bangladesh in stead of India. See the country line.

    my user name is qmkleefman,

    please let me proceed with the streak which i was playing on

    kind regards,
  • US state streak. You can literally see that the location is in Maryland. Come on, if you can't be precise, don't create maps that are this close to boarders.

  • US States: 2 wrong locations for District of Columbia vs Maryland. Don't know if it is your error or GoogleMaps but not funny at all when you try to achieve a good score.Capitol Hill Hebrew Cemetery and Capitol Heights Station :
    Robert Myles
  • Guys, there is a minor mistake on this banner

  • Play the uk map on mobile all you get is down south and up north locations nothing in middle
    Paul Watson
  • New App Update...Just curious about whether or not the pass & play feature will be brought back? Also the timer feature of classic mode???
    This app was my favourite and I’d play for hours, but the new update is incredibly disappointing. Without the pressure of the timer during classic mode it feels lame and like there is no incentive to push myself to play more and improve. Also I would play game after game of pass and play with my friends and siblings. Now that’s not an option anymore and I can’t believe it. We had so much fun trying to outdo each other and get closer to the mark. I was initially 100% willing to pay the $25 a year to keep playing my favourite game, but without the pass-and-play and timer features I will be cancelling my subscription before the free trial runs out because it’s just not worth it.

    J Kerry
  • Lost my US State streak at 17 because the border is wrong between Maryland and the District of Columbia! It should be along the road but clearly isnt! The pin was placed well inside the Maryland area under the bridge, but it claimed I was in Columbia! I put a red line along where the actual state border should have been to show. Sigh... Oh well. I think guesses that are placed this close to a border should be excluded to prevent this kind of issue from breaking a long streak that took be a few days of playing to achieve.

  • US states : once again, an other wrong location For Maryland vs DC. For me, I was at 48 states, not funny at all. PLEASE do something about this one and all others wrong locations

  • Encountered a worm-hole that takes me from a freeway to nearby residential area. I was able to screen capture the arrows at wormhole's entrance. Clicking the left arrow takes me to nearby neighborhood. I was able to repeat this.

    Rob Jones
  • This is a problem from Google Street View, GeoGuessr has no control at all about this.

    You can go on Google Maps, find the location in Street View and report the problem to Google using the report tool accessible through the top left menu.

  • Nice(?) to see I'm not the only one who got hit with this. That's Maryland.

  • THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. Yet another wrong location for DC vs Maryland. For this one, if you're on same side of the street than the initial starting point, you should be in Maryland and not DC. And if the problem is on Google side (as you mentioned a couple of times before), then simply remove those from the game until you or Google fix it. I'm definitely not ready to pay and subscribe to the site if nothing is done to improve this game. Very disappointing 🙁

  • They should update their random placement algorithm to not place locations within a large margin of a border (100m). I don't think someone is hand placing these.
  • Yep, yet another issue along the border of Maryland and DC. Sigh... I've resigned myself to guessing wrong just so I dont spoil my streak but wow... this really needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • In Country Streak for my 148th site, I was dropped in South Africa in a highway with lots of directional signage. When I guessed it I was told it was actually in Kenya, but the supposed site in Kenya was in a very poor village, nothing like where I was dropped.
    Very annoying to have a game ended by a technical error on your part.
  • My friend has found 3 frames in Nigeria explicitly showing a naked child, unblurred. Not sure if this is more of a Google Maps problem, but it needs to be fixed. kopypok (@KopyPok) Tweeted:
    Hello @geoguessr , I don't know if you can do anything about this but I've found a naked kid in Nigeria. I don't really understand why it's not blurred as it's in 3 different frames and is completely obvious. Maybe it's a Google problem but it's disgraceful that it's not blurred.
  • This is not GeoGuessr's problem indeed. GeoGuessr only uses data from Google and has no responsibility over it. You need to go on Google Maps, open the street view where you see the child and use the report tool (in the menu available on the widget located in the top left corner). Google will blur it from all the views.
  • If there is an error and the browser needs reloading your free time is used up. I tried to do a map, the screen went black and before even beginning I was told wait another 23 hours and 59 minutes. Kind of frustrating.
  • I was doing pretty well on my latest Country Streak until I was in a boat on a river - the ONLY clue was an Australian web address on a t-shirt, it obviously was not Australia. My guess was Africa but there was no way I would have guessed Madagascar!! How did this one get in....?? This really spoilt my long run 😉
    Chris Bussell
  • ? ? ?   🙁

  • Not exactly a complaint, but for the explore NZ you say 'get out of those jandals and bring a stubbie'.... stubbies are shorts. Before you use slang, you should check your using it right.
  • If you are having issues with locations ruining your Streak - Send the Game-ID (the URL of a game that can be found under Activities) to and I can revive em.

  • Hi
    current country streak 1211... I'm in Singapore but there's no way to confirm it, clicking on Guess nothing happens 😀 (even leaving and re-entering the game)

  • Hi Nick,

    You have reached the Max of the Country Streak Im afraid. This is in relation to our Fair Use Policy on the site.

    I have sent this on to the team so we can update the score for you.


  • Hi Nick,

    This has now been updated on your profile.

  • Several times now in Battle Royale, it will say that I didn't make a guess and I am eliminated. So frustrating when I am so close to the right location and im sitting there all smug waiting to see my name at the top of the list and im out. I am a new user and this is a deal breaker. I am yet to get more than 3 or 4 rounds through before this happens. And in watching geo wizard play i have seen this happen to him and he just sighs and starts over.But for me its happening nearly every game.
  • I’ve recently purchased a pro subscription and I’ve been playing country streaks on the app version of the game and I’ve had the same instance happen on numerous occasions where I’ll make a correct guess only for the round immediately afterward to be dropped in the exact same location, only this time the answer has changed to a different country. This just happened on two consecutive games playing it which prompted me coming on here to feed it back as something is clearly glitching with generating rounds on this game.
  • We are closing in on fixing this issue so soon it will be sorted 😀

    In the meantime we can always revive the streaks on the web (not the App yet Im afraid).

  • The Streak map for the Bhutan/India road is displaced. The border between the two countries is placed inside the area designated as India. You are still inside Bhutan but the software sees you inside India.
    At least one other player has already pointed this out.

  • Hi,

    Yes this we are aware of so we are working on it.

    In the meantime we can revive the streak if I get the URL of the game.

  • Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Please revive it, if possible. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by the URL of the game. Would this be it?,91.4795582,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1svxGVnKuzPiohPrqjRolaPw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

  • No I would need the URL to the game if you open it through Activities 😀

  • Hope this is the correct URL:

    Country Streak, Map 86

    Thanks for your support.
  • Yeppers thats the one! Revived it for you so now you can continue on it 🙂

  • Many thanks!
  • No worries! Let me know in case you need any further help and I will fix!

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