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You guys are like EA but worse. I want to play the game but i can only play once every 24 hours. If i want to play more than once, i have to pay 2 dollars a month, I get thats not a lot but i just want to play the game. make pro have buffs, or even make it pay to win but for gods sake dont make it a pay-to-play game.

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  • The reason it costs money is because every time you load the game screen, it loads data from Google (Maps, Street View) which is very expensive. So when you play for free once per day the developers actually pay Google for you. They are not supposed to do it but still let you play a bit for free on their own money so enjoy it instead of complaining.
  • Bruh last time i checked i could open google earth without having to pay

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  • do you need a new brain or somthing

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  • Yeah I think I'll need a new brain so I can give it to you as you clearly need one.

    You don't need to pay when using Google Earth because you pay with your personal data. Websites don't have personal data so instead they pay for using the data loaded from Google's servers.

    If you have a brain then maybe use it to search a bit before spreading garbage around.
  • Worse than EA, thats pretty harsh!
  • imagine staying up till 1 to type a respose with your two and a half brain cells. We can talk about this with out talking trash. I thnik you need to reread what i said, while i was harsh if you actually paid atention you would see i was kind of making a suggestion. It does cost money to load google map street view but there are other ways to make money. This next part is aimed more at the geogusser staff; You can make money off of pro without make it a pay-to-play game. you could make perks, or have limeted lives on free that recharge over time (kinda like the game candy crush) or even make pay to win stuff with pro. im just saying there should be a way to make money without losing most of your player base becuase they dont want to play a game that you have to pay 3 bucks a month to actually play the game.
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  • When you come and start by insulting them do you think they will listen to you? Think twice next time before writing bad things.

    And no, telling them to make pay2win stuff is not a suggestion, it's a bad thing. If GeoGuessr goes down to start doing pay2win games then you know the game is dead. Screw pay2win games.

    Waiting time doesn't give them the money needed to pay Google. Candy Crush only does that to push people to pay instead of waiting but unlike GeoGuessr it doesn't have to pay every time someone plays the game so it works. For GeoGuessr it won't.

    The only way I could figure out to avoid subscription is some kind of game package where you buy X games for Y dollars (like 50 games for $1, complete random numbers) but it may be a nightmare to manage because of eventual problems caused by Google Maps (like removed locations leading to black screens, effectively ruining a game) so I can understand they are not motivated to implement this idea.

    Note: The main goal of getting money is to pay Google and those costs are generated by the players. If they have less players then they need less money to pay Google's fees. This mean the eternal excuse of "you'll lose players" doesn't affect them because losing players means "losing" Google Maps costs, which is not a bad aspect at all. Popularity is not really a good thing for GeoGuessr if they don't have a reliable source of revenue.
  • I completely agree with the screw pay to win stuff but you still dont get what im saying. at this point im just trying to make suggestions for the geogusser staff so just stop commenting unless you are also trying to make suggestions. im just saying there should be a way to make the game free so people who dont or cant buy pro can play the game and geogusser can still pay google while making profit
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  • There is no way to make it free, plain simple. It's too expensive now that Google bumped the prices in 2018 (14 times more expensive at once). All similar games or attempts at making a free similar game either closed down or became paid only as well because of this. Only a few can survive because there is not enough people playing them to be too expensive for their creator.

    Only mobile platform didn't get impact by this price rise so if you have an Apple mobile device you can download the official app and play for free. That's the only way to play for free but sadly mobile is not the best experience.
  • ok i get it. thats to bad, but thanks for the mobile tip
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  • Yeah play 5 mins every 15 mins? I just deleted my account.

  • this was a year ago you monkey brained fucker
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  • i cant tell if your insulting me or agreeing and it makes you look like the only thing in you head is a few rocks
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