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Competitor Challenge Results not Visible

One bug(?) I noticed that coincided with the change is that the challenge results page no longer allows you to view other people's selections. It was fun to see what kinds of places other people selected on challenges. Maybe someone thought Hawaii looked like the Philippines. Maybe someone was very close, just a neighborhood or street off.

You can deselect the champion's markers, but the name stays highlighted a darker color. You can't select any other competitor's name at all.


  • Hi Karl

    Thanks for letting us know! I'm having trouble replicating this issue, could you possibly add a screenshot where this problem is visible?



    So this time the highscore page started to work, I could disengage the leader and engage the second and third leaders...but then it stopped working.

    Here you see the 3rd place player's name is engaged but their icons have disappeared.

    I've tried refreshing a few times. Sometimes it doesn't work at all, sometimes I can toggle players on and off briefly. The 'load more' scores button also gives me trouble.

    On my tenth or so time refreshing it, it worked perfectly, at least on this map. On the eleventh time the high score player buttons stop responding entirely.

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