Competitive Streak

I still do not get the "aim" of the competitive streak. When does a game end? How can I win? Is there a way to save my progress?
I have seen leaders in the 500s, which is far outside my reach in a time-respect, sincen i dont have the time to play hours at once. But if i just leave the game and return to it a few hours later my progress is reset to zero (not if it is only a few minutes, then i can continue). So it seems in order to get any points for my game, i have to deliberately loose. This way it is not really fun (since i dont know how long it will take) and not really competitve to me (since i know at the start that i can't beat the leader if he is at 100+).


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback! At the moment there is no way of resuming a streak once you have gotten to a checkpoint. But we will add this along the way in the mode as well.

    We are also working on the end-game of the game-mode 😊

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