Competitive modes: guess circles instead of points

For example: imagine a round with the answer in Madrid. Player 1 can pinpoint the exact street, but player 2 is only certain that it's in Spain, and guesses the centre of Spain.

With point guesses, both guesses are relatively close, and the difference in player skill is not sufficiently expressed.

With circle guesses, player 1 would guess a tiny circle around the exact location, while player 2 would guess a circle encompassing the whole of Spain. The difference in player skill would be expressed in the difference between the radius of the players' circles.

With points, as they are only a single instance of information, players can really only express a metric of accuracy, while precision cannot factor in as heavily. With circles, both accuracy (circle location) and precision (circle radius) can be fully expressed; this I believe would be a better competitive experience.

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