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When I try to play competitive games, I always get the message: Something unexpected happened! After this I cant do anything but go back. It is ridiculous. Please fix it!


  • I would assume it happens in Safari or an older version of some browser. If you try another browser, or disable any plugins/extensions that might be enabled it should work.
  • Hello,This also happens to me. I don′t have any plugins/extensions and my chrome is updated. When I click on a competitive game or when i click on my profile picture there is written ,,Something unexpected happened.′′ Someone says it might be because of the update.

    Perfect Guessr
  • Thanks. Will raise a ticket on this to see if we can manage to find the root cause! 👍
  • I managed to recreate the issue, so will see if we can resolve this one asap.
  • Hi,

    Its not related to the Avatar update. We found a temporary fix for this. Its to start the timer, and then go into Streaks/Competitive/Profile.

    We are looking into the larger issue though.

    Kind regards

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