Competitive feedback

Now that the season has ended I have some ideas for the future.

1. Change the current qualification system. I don't want to have to qualify every week. Instead have a ~5 week quali period where anyone can participate at any time. 150 games that they can play anytime, but only the first 30 go on the weekly leaderboard. This allows latecomers to compete. Also, top players will not need to play all 150 rounds to qualify.

2. Have a ~3 week finale where top 10-20% of players qualify and start from 0. Each week eliminate more players and add a multiplier. That way there is less randomness in who you play against. You could even up the amount of games to 15 of each for a larger sample size, since there are now 7 days to play them out.

3. (I may be wrong on this one) Playing more duels after you completed your 10 lets you drag other people down at no cost to yourself, unless it takes you to a seperate pool of players.


  • Thanks for the detailed feedback!

    We will introduce specific events at a later stage in future seasons so that you would need specific ranks to play them and with specific rules. So thats the plan for "finale" type of setup.

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