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Community translation


I notice a few more languages have been added to GeoGuessr recently.
Would it be possible to open the translation on a community translation platform such as transifex, weblate or crowdin ?
It would, among other things, allow the interface to be translated in lesser spoken languages that can not justify an investment in professional translation. I'm thinking about languages like welsh, basque, etc. It would fit with the international and diverse nature of the game very much, I think.

Thank you,


  • Hi Tornoz!

    Thanks for the suggestion! We have added some new languages now so its easier for our players to navigate the site.

    I understand that it would be awesome if we had additional languages as well, and took help from everyone who plays!

    I will send this suggestion on internally and fingers crossed that we will increase the number of languages supported on the site.

    Stay safe and let us know in case you have other feedback!


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