City streak - SURVIVED

What does that column "SURVIVED " (in percentages) at the end of the game mean?


  • Hi,

    How many players that made it through that particular location 😀
  • The high numbers suggest that you are not considering "how" they survived.

    Every streak is the same for every player, but
    - some player have more lives,
    - and other player have already progressed in the ranking and have it more difficult as similar cities are available.
    - people also survive by doing nothing and having enough lives...

    Just counting when somebody dropped out of the game is (for me at least) of little information and would not deserve such a prominent place.

    May I recommend to switch to a similar, but different logic and count, how many percent did not loose a live? that would be giving more of an idea how difficult that was.
  • Thats a solid Idea, we will see what we can implement down the line when it comes to what stats are shown!

    Thanks! 😀

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