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Chromecast 'expansion'

Hello, I recently had a nice idea which could be implemented into Geoguessr.
It would be nice if all players could connect to the same TV via Chromecast.
The chromecast would display the current leaderboard, could show when someone entered a location (hide what the location is), show when everyone picked a location and then with a cool animation slowly show who was the closest to the real location. It makes the game more intense. It would be a lovely game to play with some friends on a friday/saturday night when you're all sitting in the living room, just open up the android/ios app, enter your name and connect to the chromecast.

Would like to hear your opinion on this idea.
(I was almost gonna try to build this chromecast version on my own untill I thought to myself: lets ask it on the forums first. And you probably have a patent on the geoguessr concept)
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  • Hi Mike,

    Sounds like a fun idea, we have thought of similar game plays but I'd say we're far from releasing something.. Go for it! Let us know how it goes and if we can help with something!


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