China in Explorer Mode

As most veteran players know, China actually has quite a few trekkers located in many different areas of the country, and some hidden coverage as well. These total upwards of 500 locations.

As similar maps such as Madagascar and India, which are completely composed of trekkers (aside from very limited coverage in Toliara and Mumbai) are featured in explorer mode, why not China? I think the Chinese map would be very interesting to play and it could introduce Chinese landmarks and museums to more people.

Functionality-wise, many Chinese locations in museums feature English translations of their exhibits, so most locations are pinpointable with knowledge of Chinese history, very much like the Indian map.


  • China has one major issue though. Because of strict rules, the map is shifted making many places impossible to guess correctly (which is a shame because there are some cool stuff there).

    Anyways this is not the good way to think. Trekker countries should be removed from explorer mode, it's not worth having them especially when the only way to get a gold medal (I won't even talk about platinum) is to try hard the maps until you remember all the possible random middle of nowhere trekkers. This is bad game design.
  • mapper's answer is complete BS. not only are china trekkers aligned with what the map shows, therefore 5kable, but also, much unlike madagascar and india, there are almost always clues to find with moving and 5k without ever having seen the location before. you don't need to memorise every trekker at all.
    therefore, whatever happens to madagascar, china can reasonably be added.

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