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If i'm going to pay a monthly fee, then you should be banning players who are clearly cheating. Getting perfect scores on the daily challenge multiple days in a row should be obvious. I'm aware they can make new accounts, but at least the cheaters lose their achievements and have to start over. No action seems silly to me.


  • I don't think there's a set definition for "cheating". I'd just ignore the daily challenge anyway, it's pretty much a joke at this point.
  • Using Google to help you play is one of the many ways of playing the game. There's no way the developers can tell which users are doing this and which aren't, so you need to take game scores with a grain of salt.
    Dadge City
  • There is a copy and paste cheat that makes it too easy to cheat. Any competitions are not fun when this is possible.
  • Yeah, I just don't know what to make of the obvious cheating. I do cheat in my own way because I like to look for clues and research under pressure. Doing the research is part of the fun for me. Otherwise it's random guesses which can be thousands of miles out. I have only ever got 5000 points a couple of times and usually that was a bit of a fluke. These people who get 5000 points for every single guess are both annoying and irrelevant. They're irrelevant because they must realise everyone knows they are cheating. I just did today's and one was literally a red mud track in the middle of nowhere. I was overjoyed that my guess of Brazil was actually correct and I was only about 500 miles out. The daily winner Călin of course got 5000 as he does for every single 'guess' because he clearly knows every mud track in South America down to the last metre. Or is a f-cking cheat. So I suppose we just take no notice of those scores and give our respect to the those who are scoring 23 or 24 thousand. The annoying thing is the attitude of those who run the site and don't ban these people because it shows their indifference to what's going on. They don't think there's anything to be bothered about. They're just counting the money.
    Barry Brownlow
  • just 2-3 meters away in every guess? no way. fookin impossible. they're cheating. and it sukk! we compete fairly, trying to find clues, but they use cheating app or whatever to fukin win this only game. what a loser.

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