On the daily challenge, there are always perfect 25000 scores when some maps have endless roads without signage or anything. Surely this is not realistic and totally spoils the challenge for others.


  • Hey Hans. Agreed, this is something that we're working to improve.
  • Are the daily challenges previewed by staff? It seems as if some of the locations are "if you don't recognize the landscape you will never figure out where this is" types of locations which is not fun except for maybe the 1 or 2 people who might have been there.

    If a human (staff member) simply previewed the selected locations each day for the ability to deduce them then there would be some hope of getting a high score on these challenges.

    I don't mind if people are cheating for the 25k ratings if I was able to get a 23k+ score using map sleuthing, but when the daily locations are hopeless ("a review of 5 different blades of grass inside hermetic photo spheres") then it is really just a slap in the face to see contestants with perfect scores ("OMG, I totally recognize that blad of grass to within 10 yards!")...
  • It's impossible to win 25K points on the daily challenge in *zero* seconds yet these cheaters do that.  

    George G

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