Cheat detection

I was recently banned from GeoGuessr for "cheating"-- the reason provided was a cheat browser extension, and that the ban decision will not be revised.

I sincerely do not have the browser extension and I have never cheated in any form.

My question is thus an invitation to review the mechanism by which you are detecting cheats:

The last few games of competitive I played were extremely glitchy-- repeat images, obviously incorrect location pins, or black screen of death, and extremely long loading times. I can't help but wonder if I've been confused with another player in the lobby or something.

I truly think there is an issue with your cheat-detection methodology.


  • For info this is not the email associated with the account -- it is under my partner's email which I can provide upon request. The username is Maps Are Lies.

    We are very casual players who share the account because we don't often have time to play. I play on my Chrome and only have Adblocker, Zotero, Adobe Acrobat, Honey, and Dark Reader extensions.

    We are in the geography/GIS field and are good with maps and satellites, but never thought we were good enough to be flagged for cheating frankly, and never used any methods of cheating!

    I'm fine to make a new account but it would be helpful to know what exactly banned the account, as I do not have the cheat extension. So I fear I will again get banned without reason, which is undesirable for a paid service. 

  • The same problem happened to me, what was your country code? mine was "nations neutral zone" and it appears to be deleted now, and it appears to be the reason behind my ban

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