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Chat function for Battle Royale

Self explanitory mostly. Having a lot of fun playing this mode, it would be great if there was a chatbox or something at the end of the game/each round. It would be cool to ask how some people guessed the right country so quickly or something.

I think the easiest implementation would be just putting something at the end of the game for the last few people left, but maybe a more engaging method would be having one that pops up each round after you guess the correct country so you can talk with everyone else who got it right.

Of course I know how internet chats can be abused, so I understand if you don't want to deal with all of that, but I just think it would be a good way to build the community!


  • Yeah I agree, it would be cool if there were some features that allowed interaction with other players in Battle Royale.

    Personally I wouldn't care if having a chat box meant having to see some nasty messages every once in a while, as is to be expected anywhere. The fact that GeoGuessr is a paid service would, by its nature, reduce instances of abuse. A moderation system could be implemented to hand out permanent mutes from the chat for anyone who abuses it, but of course implementing a moderation system takes time and requires resources to hire moderators and such, which would be a big pain for a small feature.

    Chat box could work similarly to skribblio where you can't type after you've made a correct guess.

    I think you should at least be able to add friends directly from the player list, though
  • As another suggestion, you could also make it so the chat becomes available after losing. It would give a reason for losers to stick around and watch while discussing the future rounds.
  • Would love to see this.

    A simple "mute" button next to player's names would help with abusive language.
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the suggestions! We have raised this internally and we will see if its something that could be implemented in the future.

    Adding friends from the player list in BR sounds is a nice idea.

  • Yeah, I would love to see a little chat-like box within the games.. just to say gg.
  • Instead of a full chat box and all the toxicity that comes with it, I would favor:

    1. A simple emote menu with a few options like "GG!" "phew!" "cool place!" etc. The game Surviv(dot)io is a decent example of this kind of system.

    2. Some way to chat with/message the people on your friends list.

    Love Geoguessr!
    E Sven

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