Charged before free trial.

Hey, so I attempted to apply for the free trial, but my credit card was charged for the full annual amount immediately upon applying, and I have no option go unsubscribe before my free trial would have ended. I'm just a college kid trying to pay off an appendectomy so every bit helps.
Thank you for your time.
Avery Zayle Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Avery,

    At the moment the paypal subscription doesn't support the free trial period (for technical reasons..) It says next to the button but I know it's not very clear and we'll have to do something about that.

    I've canceled your subscription and refunded you.

    Have a great day,

  • Thank you very much! I'm sorry about that confusion from me bring awful with details, but I really do appreciate it and I do enjoy the game. I hope to fully subscribe to premium when I'm a little better off.
    Thank you much and I hope you have a wonderful year,

    Avery Zayle

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