I received a bill for $32.41 (Canadian). I thought the cost was $2 (US) a month. Is the $32.41 for a month or a year? If it is for a month, please cancel my account immediately. If it is for a year, please let me know if this is a one-time charge or if there is a possibility of a further charges during the year.
Thank you
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  • You selected the plan for a whole year which costs USD $24 the whole year, making it equivalent to 12*$2 instead of 12*$3 if you take the monthly plan 12 times. So you won't be charged anymore during the next 12 months.

    If you didn't take the PayPal option then you'll be automatically charged again in 12 months for a new year so remember to cancel the subscription before (you can cancel at any time, it will keep the pro status until 12 months passed).
  • i had the exact same problem and i want a refund im very tight on money and i bought it for my son

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