Changing my account name

Hi there! I made my geoguessr account a few years back with the username "Armlander." Fast forward to recently (maybe the last year or so) when I took an extended break from the game. I came back after my break to find my account had been "hacked" (for lack of a better word...). I'm assuming my info was leaked in a data breach. My account name had been changed to "Gertjeboy2000" and someone had been playing using my account... I now have access to the account and have updated my password and security measures, but I can't change my username until April of 2023. I'm hoping to get some help in bypassing that wait time since I would rather not play using the username of my hacker... Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide any info needed. Thanks!


  • Hiya!

    Absolutely, I have changed the name from my end as well as logged out all possible devices from the account.
  • Thank you so much, Filip. <3

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