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changed behaviour in map

When hovering the mouse above the little map in the bottom right, the map pops open. In the top left of the map, there are two arrows (enlarge, shrink the map) and the symbol of a pushpin to pin the map in the open state regardless of the mouse position.

Up to a few days before, when I pinned the map, this setting was permanent for the following rounds. This behaviour has changed.

Now when I pin the map, in the next round the map is unpinned again. Now I must pin the map five times, one time for each round. This behaviour is absolutely un-intuitive and annoying.

It would make some sense, to completely reset the map setting, i. e. not only the pinning state, but the map size as well. But that doesn't happen.

Instead now, no matter how often I pinned the map, in the next round it tries all to annoy me by popping up and disturbing caused by some rather circumstantial mouse move.

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