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Challenging feature proposal

Hi Geoguessr team,
There is a French streamers competition every sunday (knows as Geomerding fight), and they propose a random penaly on the last map. One of the penalties is to be forbidden to use the "return to start" button, which tends to make the guess more challenging and fun. They do it by themselves (if they click on it, they have to guess - as it is streamed live, no cheating so far). I would like to see this feature directly implemented in the movement settings. Is it possible ? (hide or inhibit the return to start button)
Thanks for your answer


  • In addition, this would add 2 challenge modes :
    - no return to start
    - no return to start + no zoom
  • The "no flag" setting is a great idea. Hope they will implement it.

    No need to create a lot of new game modes. Just add a checkbox "disable flag button" and it would automatically apply to all the existing game modes.
  • As we may say : why make it simple when we can do it complex ! (sorry for the translation from FR)

    Your idea is a significant improvement ! thanks Mapper.

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