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Challenge with stopwatch

Hi Geoguessr Team, I love to suggest were start point is as quick as possible. No extra Web or Google Maps search. And as less map clicks as possible. It`s astounding how near the guesses can be just with intuition. Would be great to have a relation between time and points. As longer you need = less points. Shows how good your intuition or knowledge  is. And it shows if you use web search as help.

Is this an idea?

By the way - the idea of Geoguessr is really great.

Many greetings Jörg Bunke

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  • Hi Jörg

    Thanks for the feedback! We've discussed this before and talked about adding this as a custom option when creating a game or challenge. So far we unfortunately have had to prioritize other areas above this one, but I'll bring it up on our next feature meeting!

  • I would second the request, that sounds fascinating!


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