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Challenge game result features disappeared

We are 2 colleagues that play against each other all the time.
After the latest update 2 features are missing:
1. After the game ends you go to overview, but here you can only see one player locations at a time, so we can no longer compare our guesses to each other. Before you would see the players next to each other with the scores next to each other, and both play guesses on the map. We are really missing this.
2. You can no longer click on a ended game in "My activities" to see how the game played out (similar to "overview" after ended game).


  • Hi,

    Thanks for playing and the feedback!

    1. A lot of people have said that they're missing this feature, we've added a card to sort it out so it should be back soon.

    2. I see, If you've know/saved the game token you can still go to the result page so I guess we could just put the link there on my activities, good find.

  • Good to hear that it is not a difficult thing to implement, looking forward to see the result.
  • It was added two weeks ago!

    It's the score-link on my activities, but it only works for games finished after the implementation.

  • Sounds good, but I can't see it.

    And what about the other feature (question 1) any progress on that one?

  • Just asked the player I play against, he doesn't see the link also. But he does however see the link when playing against another player (which he only did once).
    Here is a screenshot from his activities.

  • Ah I see it might only have been implemented for singel player us, we'll have to add it for challenges as well.

    1. is still on our todo, haven't had time to start it yet, but it is not forgotten!

  • Hi Mikael

    Congratulations on the new layout in GeoGuessr. We are happy to see the return of the links to the result pages (from the activity section).

    We are still missing the ability to compare results between the players in "challenge mode". Will this be reintroduced?

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