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Challange mode: Different Start Points

I played a couple of rounds today and yesterday and it seems like the challenge mode is completly broken.

Sometimes a player has a different starting point. Reload doesnt help.
Even the "full results" are different for the players (see attached images)

Player A (started the game):

Player B:

When Player B goes to "full results" and shows both players the flags suddenly move to the places of player A. All the time Player B has the points he would have if he plays Player As match



  • Hint:
    Have a look at the flag in Brazil/Mexico and Finnland/Florida(USA)
  • We are having a similar problem. Some of the locations change between players.The scores are static, but not a fair game if the location is somewhere different for some players.

  • We suspect this occurs when a player can't load one of the locations and refresh the game to load it. If this happens, then the game will apparently replace the location with a new one, thinking the location is removed (aka black screen) when it's not always the case.

    This seems to be an attempt for the black screen issue. And while it works well for single player games (every game that is not a challenge), for challenges it is not a good idea at all as it is not fair to have a different location, sometimes way easier than the original one.

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