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Can't you use Bing Streetside for cheeper and its the same thing.

Bing StreetSide is cheaper. Its the same thing just not as many different years


  • It would be a good United States cheaper map I guess, as this is where most of the coverage is. But it's quite outdated and low quality as Microsoft seems to have abandoned this project.

    Yandex can also provide cheaper ex-USSR coverage even if quite limited too. At least it is still alive, has correct wuality, covers a few countries Google doesn't have and even got Uzbekistan very recently!

    We can also think about Baidu / Tencent Maps to have a Chinese version: good quality overall, correct coverage but very slow loading as it is behind the great Chinese firewall...

    Wonobo from India exists too but it may be too poor though.

    Maybe other services exist but I do not know them yet.

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