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Can't push "Make a guess" button

"Make a guess" button is gray. And the cursor looks like a prohibition sign. I can't click on button.

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  • Hi Chan

    Thanks for the feedback! What browser are you using? Could you also please make sure that you have placed the guess marker on the guessing map by clicking somewhere on it, before trying to click the "make a guess" button?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi
    I tried to do this in Chrome and Mozilla. tried to log out and start the game, but nothing happens.
    And now I can't even start. It offers me resume the game or start a new one

    p.s. sorry for my english

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  • Hi, it looks like you have not yet made a guess, and therefore you cannot press "MAKE GUESS".

    To do so, zoom in on the map, and click on the area where you think you are dropped. An orange pin will appear. Now the "MAKE GUESS" button will turn orange, and pressable.

    Actually, to name the "MAKE GUESS" button as such, could be a little confusing, as by clicking the button you are more like confirming your guess.

  • Hi T.Chan

    Thanks for the images. The resume feature is a way to preserve the game state if you accidentally quit the game (for example closing the browser or something similar). If you finish the unfinished game you should be able to start a new one.
    Have our tried Carels suggestion, perhaps that can help?

    Kind regards,

  • I am unable to open up the map in order to make a guess. There used to be arrows in the top left corner but they only appear after you have been forced to make a guess without seeing the map properly. Useless!

    Megan Hill
  • Hi Megan

    The arrows should be visible when you are hovering over the map with the mouse cursor. If this doesn't work for you it would be great if you could let us know what browser you are using?

    Kind regards,
  • what is the push pin for that is located at the top of the map on geoguessr when you are in a game. There are 2 arrows, one enlarges the map and makes it small. What is the push pin?
    Jackie Glavinick
  • It freezes the map size so it doesn't automatically reduce itself.
  • After 38 Country Streaks I have the same problem: "Make a guess" button is gray. Annoying!
    Mozilla Firefox

    UJ Leandro
  • Does reloading the page help?

    If not, could you try loading the game in a a private session? Sometimes there are browser plugins that interfere with the interface.

  • sometimes I set the location pin but when I tap the green submit button, the blue pin goes back to the green button.  I reset it and the green button absorbs the blue pin.  I can close the map and move in the visual part, but setting my guess and tapping on the green button doesn't work.  I end up having to abort the game.  Is there a fix for this?

    I also have maps that won't let me do anything but look around in a circle.  Is this normal for some games?
  • I may have solved my own problem.  I am using my phone to plan and I may have had too many things running at the same time.  Since I started checking background things open, I have had no problems with games freezing.


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