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Can't purchase Pro membership

I have been trying for the past few months to purchase a pro membership but it always says "Your card was declined." So, I tried:

1. Calling my bank to make sure there was money/no hold on my account

2. Trying other cards to see if it would use those and it wouldn't

Unfortunately, I don't have access to PayPal because I was hacked on there and cut all ties with it. Really want to play battle royale and such but just can't and I am bummed please help. (btw all cards were mastercards so perhaps that is the issue?)
Luke Wilson


  • Hi Luke,

    Sometimes certain Banks are blocking the transaction to us.

    I can help you set up a subscription from my end as well. Send me an email to with what currency you prefer as well as subscription type (yearly/monthly)

  • Yeah me too i cant purchase any pro membership its says declined the card has money so yeah. I would need help with that.
    anej babic
  • Not much we can do from our end Im afraid. But can always try through the App in case its not working on the site as an alternative.

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