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Can't play my own map

I made a map that it won't let me play even though it is published. My first map it lets me and other play, but not my second creation Mason City, Iowa.

Tom Soppe


  • Hi Tom,

    I found your Mason City, Iowa map it seems like it's working now. Are you still experiencing issues with it?



  • Hi, I have two maps like this that don't work when I try to play them. Is there not enough data to work with?
    Suramerica austral and Along the Equator. I get to the game settings page and press Play and nothing happens.

  • Hey James!

    I tried the maps and it works for me. Do you still have issues with not being able to play them?

  • Same issue for me. I created a map called "Islands" and published it.
    Only the buttons "edit" or "delete" are available
  • Hi,

    Thats because it has over 6million locations picked, so therefore it is not possible to publish it and play it. I would recommend perhaps having max 1 million locations.

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