Cant play maps

Hey, yesterday i started speedrunning  GeoGuessr and after a few hours of doing so, i suddenly couldn't play any maps anymore. I still have this problem today. I can play the challenge mode on maps and every other game mode. Is there some kind of cooldown i have to wait until i can play again?


  • There is a limit of played games per day as you make them loose money every time you load the game screen (that's the Google API costs and why GeoGuessr must set a subscription plan). If you play too much you'll cost them more than what you pay so this is to prevent it. It's usually triggered by automated system like bots but starting a lot of games quickly (which happens a lot in speedrunning) also triggers it.

    Usually you need to way for a day, no idea if it's full 24 hours or if it rests at midnight UTC for example.
  • thans very much, it was 20 hours ago so maybe it'll be normal soon!

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