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Can't make more challenge links, spam filter?


Short version: I made 60+ challenge links from the same map in a few minutes, now I can't make more. Was I detected as spam? And is there a way to fix it?

Long version:
I made a custom map for a special occasion, with only 5 locations that need to be in a specific order. There is (to my knowledge) no way to specify the order, so I thought I'd just make a bunch of challenge links until I got a game in the right order, which I can use on the occasion. Should on average take 5! = 120 attempts, so not too unreasonable.

After 61 attempts I am no longer able to create a link. I can go to the map, click "Challenge", but when I click the green "Invite friends" button, nothing happens. I tried it on another map as well, and same story there.

I suspect I might have been blocked from making challenges by a spam filter, which would be reasonable I suppose... Is that the case? And if so, when will the block be lifted?

Also, is there a better way to make a custom map with 5 locations in a specific order?
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  • Yes there is an anti spam feature to protect the game from going bankrupt as every time you load the game screen Google data is loaded and this is when it costs money for the devs.

    Unfortunately there is no way to make a challenge with specified location order. They really need to implement that as I'm pretty sure this would save them money.
  • Thanks.

    Do you know how long I might be blocked from making challenges?
  • 24h I guess? Can't confirm. Can be either 24 full hours or wait for midnight UTC for the rest.

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