Cant join challenge mode

When I want to create a challenge link to play with my friends, it either does nothing or the invite friends button becomes a spinning compass as if it is loading but after a while it stops and nothing happens, please help!
Jacob Furby


  • Hi Jacob,

    Does this issue still persist? Have you tried in another browser or device (if possible) and see if it works there?

  • Hi, the issue does unfortunately still persist. I tried starting it on two other browsers and on a different device but the same issue was still present
    Jacob Furby
  • Thats strange.

    We had one that had a similar issue but then completely reinstalled Chrome and after that it worked. Weird that it does not work on another device however.

    Would you be able to open the Console in Google Chrome when you click on Challenge and send us the code from when you are in the startmenu, then try to send a challenge?

    This can be done by double clicking on the site and then click on "Inspect". Then select Console in the right corner that will pop up.

    And then send this onto

    Thank you in advance!

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