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Can't go anywhere - Potential photosphere?

Hi there! Sorry if this is incorrect at all, I've never had to report something before. I was playing a challenge game and we've been plopped somewhere we can't move around in. Well, there's one arrow you can click to move a little bit, but no more. The only thing you can see is a river and some people posing for photos.

I noticed some similar reports from other users that indicate this may be a "photosphere" but I'm not sure.

I have attached a screenshot for you to see both what we could see as well as the resulting location. I noticed a name in the bottom righthand corner, "Edward Acu" which turned up a LinkedIn profile for someone in Guatemala, which is how we got anywhere close to the actual result! But there was absolutely nothing else we could do to determine a location.

While it was a beautiful couple of photos, the inability to move around really defeated the purpose of the game, and we wound up clicking in as close to the same place as possible so that round wouldn't affect our overall scores too much.

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