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Can't get Pro subscription?

I was ready to try a Pro subscription but clicking on the button to go to the payment site does nothing/goes nowhere. The image of the button jumps a little but there is no movement to another page to set up or pay for a pro account. I tried several different browsers. I did a little digging and apparently it is because the payment end (Swipe?) has configured their page incorrectly and all of the browsers consider it unsafe to connect. Will this be fixed anytime soon? Thanks!


  • Hi Sibyl,

    We're really sorry to hear that.. What's supposed to happen is that a dialog should pop up on top of the page where you sign up, it's from our payment provider stripe, I don't know if they have any issues with some specific browser etc. It's working for me in chrome on a mac. Which did you try?

    Could you try again and open up the developer console to see if there's any error messages? In chrome, right click and click inspect, in the window that opens choose the console tab.

  • Hi there Mikael, I tried various browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge) from a PC. However, your post gave me the idea just to try a different computer -- which I did just now and it worked perfectly! So now I have a Pro subscription. Thank you for responding!
  • Great news! But still a little bit weird with the other computer.

    Glad it works!

  • Same thing is happening to me I have tried several browsers and same result just a black loading screen

    Thomas Greenwood
  • hello i tried doing payment for pro but it did not work and now it took money out of my bank account but it did not make my account pro.
    please help.

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