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Can’t find level I unlocked

I FINALLY gained enough geo coins to open a new level, I can’t remember which exactly it was but I think it was a general level for cities. I left the app and when I returned a while later (could have been weeks or months) I couldn’t find the level, even though I’m sure I bought it (my geo coins were much less). I think it’s just gone, maybe it was removed, maybe it was locked again, but it took me a really long time to save that many geo coins and I’m a bit upset it didn’t pay off


  • Hi Sala,

    Have you signed in/synced on the app? If not could you do that and then let me know which email address you used and I'll make sure you'll get the coins back.

    Signing in/syncing is to save your state between devices and is done by clicking on a locked map and then the "sync your maps" button.

  • Hello,
    Thank you for responding! I synced it now on the same email of this account
    Thank you again!
  • Great,

    Ok, it looks like the map should be unlocked but I've added some coins so that you can unlock it again. Have a look if it's there and let me know otherwise!


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