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Can't expand the guessing map and what happened to the rating?

So what in the world happened to the expandable map? It doesn't expand all the way out and there's no plus icon to zoom in. I had to zoom in using the trackpad on my laptop and that is so inefficient and inaccurate. Totally messed up one of my daily challenge games. Also what happened to the rating at the end of the game? Although I never really understood the purpose (because as many times as I put only 1 star for Russia and Kansas and southern Saskatchewan, it didn't seem to affect the chances of getting them as locations), I still like to think that you folks are paying attention and will give me more places in Europe. Also, the look has completely changed. The countdown, for example, has moved to the left and is not as obvious. These are all very negative changes and after a very frustrating Daily Challenge, I feel like dropping my Pro account.
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  • Same here.  What was done to the map challenge?  Not working correctly on my Mac.
    Joe K
  • FYI they fixed the missing map size, you can now expand it larger. +/- buttons are still missing, but they should fix this soon since we reported them this problem.

    About the rating system they used it to select locations for the daily challenge. They now have enough ratings so they didn't ported the rating system on the new version. Since the new version also has a functionality to detect removed streetview data (the infamous "black screens") you don't need to rate 1-star anymore.
  • The + and -  icons are back on the small map.  Looking forward to being able to play again. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    As you've noticed there are some things that we've missed and or that are not working properly. We've added your input to our backlog and are on it. Fixes should come out soon.

    thanks for the feedback
  • Ok, so I just played the first round of Daily Challenge on my usual Chrome browser and nothing has changed. Played rounds 2-5 on Safari and while I could expand the map and use the plus/minus sign, it was an extremely glitchy slow painful experience. Also when I finally went to zoom in on the guessing map it zoomed waaaay in every first time (then it went back to normal, but wasting precious guessing time).

    So it looks like I can either have a frustratingly slow (a click = 3 feet) and super glitchy Safari experience or a less glitchy but equally frustrating Chrome experience. Fabulous.

    Also, what is the deal with the arrows when it starts glitching so bad you go into a different realm where it's like off the road and slow and very weird? It's virtually unplayable when this happens (much too often).
    Margaret Louise Smart
  • Oh and Mapper, I don't understand what you mean by this comment: "Since the new version also has a functionality to detect removed streetview data (the infamous "black screens") you don't need to rate 1-star anymore."

    When I rate (which I actually enjoy doing) it's based on how much I enjoy the map location. Is that not the purpose?

    Thank you for your response.
    Margaret Louise Smart
  • The rating system was apparently used to have data for selecting good locations in daily challenges. They probably had lot of data since it was implemented and they may not need data anymore. If they felt like it wasn't needed anymore then they simply didn't remake it for the new version as it is extra work doing it.

    You seems to have problems nobody got while making tests yesterday. For me and many others the game runs perfectly. Welcome to the world of web browsers where sometimes everything works, sometimes not... Never easy for web devs haha. I still suggest you to clear your browser's cache and try again as it may have keep the old version of the website in cache. In Chrome just open the history tab and you'll find "clear navigation data" on the left. Click on it and clean the cache from there (be careful to not select everything or you'll lose your history, saved passwords etc).

    About the very slow and glitchy movement than sometimes happens, this is not related to Geoguessr itself. It is a problem from Google Maps (you will also have the same problem on their official website) and Geoguessr can't do anything about it. It is Google's job to fix it but Google has been terribly bad the past years...
  • Ok thank you very much for the explanation and suggestions, Mapper. I will try clearing the cache.
    Margaret Louise Smart

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