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Can't Edit Already Published Map

So i began making a map about an hour ago. I needed to leave so i saved it when i came back i could not edit it. The clicked on the map after clicking edit and nothing happened for 5 min. Why is this?

I tried on Chrome, Opera and Firefox.
I tried Logging out and back in.
I restarted all browsers twice.
I refreshed the page multiple times.

Just saying i pay for this why is it broken?
Joshua Zuber


  • Hi Joshua,

    That seems weird, which map is it?

  • I did some testing of my. Any map that uses the region select does not allow you to edit. However if you make a map where you select specific spots you can edit. So the maps i cant edit are United States Cities and Cities of Texas
    Joshua Zuber
  • Hi there Joshua. Sorry to hear that. I've had a look at the two regional maps mentioned and have no problem opening them, and the edit tools seems to work as expected as well. It doesn't seem to be problem within the geoguessr application. I'd also had a look through our logs looking for errors during the last couple of days when accessing those particular maps. No errors, but the response times were a bit steep. If you could try editing the maps again, that would be most appreciated and help us narrowing things down a bit.


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