can't buy with paypal.

I try to buy the monthly subscription with paypal, but it's not working. (paypal works fine with everything else)
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  • Hi,

    I would recommend trying through the Mobile App in case of issues in the site. Or that you try at a later time.

    You can use the subscription on the web and the app.
  • How long does it normally take to receive the subscription? Cuz the money is removed from my PayPal, but I didn't receive the subscription yet

    milan hartog
  • Its usually instant. In case Paddle has taken out a small amount then that most likely means that the payment did not go through, and the payment will be reversed in 24 hours. Im not able to find a payment or subscription created on this email which points to that this is a reserved fee that will be reversed back to you.

    In case it is not, I would recommend you contact our payment provider Paddle here so they can look further into it from their end -

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