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Cannot sign in with google "You must allow GeoGuessr to access your email address"

Hi, as the title says, I am unable to access my account through google sign in, as it keeps telling me I need to allow Geo to access my email address?

If it's relevant, I have just purchased a new PC, (Geo worked fine on my old PC) I am still able to access the Geoguessr app on phone etc though, my old PC was windows 10 but the new one has upgraded to 11, if that's any possible reason (though I doubt it)

I'd like to be able to access my account, obviously - as even if I were to make a new account, I'd still be paying for pro on this account I am trying to access anyway, so there's little point in just making a new account, I'd like to get my current one to work!


  • Hi,

    I have removed the Google-connection so you can now login with Email/Password or try again to connect with Google-login and it usually works out better. If not then it could be that some extension/plugin is the reason its not working (such as ChatGuessr or similar). 

  • It's working now, thanks very much!
  • Sweet!

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