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Cannot move more than one single frame at once

Since today, we cant click further on screen to move on a bigger distance like before. Now we need to move frame by frame, even if the cursor still follow the mouse to show if we can go there or not.

This problem isn't visible on reguler Streetview, so it should be related to the game itself, maybe an API change?

Hope this problem will be fixed, because the new blurry movement system already broke the game a lot, but with this it's just unplayable at all.



  • Same here. Plus, the direction of the arrows jump around, so that one ends up in completely random places. I guess it's a bad apri fool's joke? Or a bug.
  • Same issue! Unplayable... or you need to be veeery patient..
  • Agreed.  This problem has made me stop playing the game.  It's that bad.  Please find out what happened and fix it so we don't have to cancel our accounts.

    It's not a problem in normal google streetview, which still lets you jump far ahead when you click.  So it's not just google deprecating the old way.  The old way still works when you use streetview itself.  It's only through Geoguessr that you are now required to move just a few meters ahead per click, making it impossible to travel anywhere within a reasonable time.
    Steven Mading
  • Add me to the list. The game is barely playable, especially when you find yourself in places like the Australian outback where you would normally have to move around for several kilometers before finding any signs of civilisations. With this bug, it would literally take hours to do so.
  • By the way, I should add that I tested the game with Chrome, Edge and IE 11, they all exhibit the same symptom.
  • I agree with what has been said.
    1) I can only inch down a road a yard at a time.
    2) the road arrows will randomly jump you into a different street, or the option to carry straight on does not exist and you are forced to go down a road you didn't want to travel.
    3) While playing the UK map, I finally made a guess in Lincolnshire, only to be told that I was 4000 + miles out as it claimed my guess was just off the Somalian coast! This happened twice, so was not my mistake.

    I used to enjoy it, but it is now unplayable. Please sort all these glitches out.
  • Hi guys,

    thanks for letting us know! It's not intentional and we're trying to figure out how to fix it!
    We'll let you know when we have more information.

  • If it helps, I noticed that the problem with the broken navigation directions (not just being small moves, but actually moving the wrong direction when you click so it always moves behind you) happens a lot near cloverleaf interchanges of major US highways.

    I saw it on one or two roundabouts too.

    It's as if it gets most confused where there's multiple paths that Google's cars covered that are close to each other.  It keeps jumping to a different one of those paths.  I kept getting sent sideways to an exit ramp instead of straight ahead so it was impossible to move forward past the overpass.

    Could there be some kind of rounding error happening making it fail to distinguish positions that are too close together?

    Steven Mading
  • Same problem here. Like filipus I have tried different browsers on both PC and Mac and the problem is the same.

    Best of luck fixing it - it's such an addictive game!
  • Sad, sad experience. Completely spoils the game.
  • Well since I'm addicted to that game, I've managed to play it still by using the keyboard keys (keeping the up arrow pressed or pressing it quickly and repeatedly) and by not going full screen (refreshes are faster). I'm also playing more of the Famous Places maps because you don't need to move around so much in there... But only an addict like me can stand doing that, the real fun is in the random world maps :P

  • BTW, another user posted the same question, I replied with a back-reference to this current thread.
  • I'm so glad I'm not alone!

    I also got stuck in a car park in Finland last night... the arrows just took you in circles! Luckily there was a building nearby that I could see writing on and made an educated guess!

    I'm glad they're trying to fix it as it helps whenever I get home sickness (English girl, moved to Australia 10 years ago. Been almost 5 years since I've been back)
  • Glad I wasn't alone.  Very difficult to play this way but the arrow key trick mentioned by filipus does help to clear longer distances.  Hopefully, this can be fixed soon.
  • Maybe the small step click has something to do with
    It is really annoying by doing these mincing steps ...
  • About the workaround of holding the forward-arrow key down:  This does not work for me at home but does work when I play at a friend's house.  At home (using Firefox on a 10 MBit  connection), when I hold the arrow key down there's a bug where it behaves as if I'm toggling between up arrow and down arrow instead of just holding up-arrow.  (It just pointlessly shifts forward one space then backward one space then forward one space then backward one space, thus getting stuck in the same spot)  This only started happening at the same time as the slow-movement bug startted happening so I assume they're related.  I mention this because I don't want the developers to get the impression that the arrow key workaround somehow makes the problem tolerable.  It doesn't because arrow key nagivation also broke at the same time.

    When I play at a friend's house, however, (Chrome, and an average 50 Mbit connection) the arrow key trick does work.  I don't know why there's a difference.
    Steven Mading
  • @Steven: I had this happen on a couple of occasions too, even though I'm on fiber optics here, so I don't think it has anything to do with your connection speed but rather with the specific map you're playing.

    @Holly: that also happened to me while navigating, I was going round in circles. I then realized that in some places, there were two, slightly offset but superimposed arrows pointing in the same direction. As if there were two sets of images for the same direction... which indeed there were because in some cases I would get a fully high-res image on a sunny day while for the same location I would sometimes get a low-res picture on a cloudy day! So this may also be just another symptom of the same problem.
    I actually remember where it happened (but obviously, there's no issue when navigating through Google Maps' Streetview feature):,+Niceville,+FL+32578,+USA/@30.4788477,-86.4337615,19z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x889142a75907763f:0xebcf174b7f62b606!8m2!3d30.4788477!4d-86.4332143

    ( Can anybody tell I've had a career investigating and debugging software bugs? :P )

  • @filipus: it's been quite consistent.  It *always* happens at my house and *not* at my friends.  We're playing the same mode (world) and the same settings (10 min timer) and it's been consistent over about 4 games, or 20 rounds.  That makes the likelihood of it being just a matter of which location it randomly gives you quite low.  The odds of it being that consistent by random luck of the draw (which spots we happen to get) is pretty tiny.

    I only mentioned the internet speed as part of the more general task of mentioning everything I can think of that differs between our two setups.
    Steven Mading
  • @Steven: given that information, I agree that it probably isn't caused by the maps themselves, as you said the probability would be extremely low.

    I did read the link provided by @Bangie and found that this would be a very likely candidate. Ever since the issue started happening at my place, the X indicating where the next position should be never moves, regardless of where I position my mouse (whereas before it would move closer/away from me until you get to a maximum distance after which it becomes bigger and indicates you're "out of range", so to speak.
    Also, the "square" that's supposed to make us face in a specific direction never appears anymore.

    Anyway, I'm also mentioning all of the above just for reference, hoping it helps the GeoGuessr team figure it out more quickly.
  • While I'm at it: I'm running this on Windows 10 (fully updated), AMD FX-8350 (8 Cores), 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, located just outside Montreal, Canada. As stated before, tried it with Edge, Chrome and IE, all using the very latest versions.

  • I can confirm that it doesn't depend on which browser you are using. I tested all I know.
    Google Chrome seems to render the new picture a little bitte faster. But the distance you can go by one click is th same in all browser. I think it depends on how fast the google car was moving when doing the photographs.
  • Not only is it still frame by frame clicking but now sometimes when I click forward it goes backwards or jumps to an adjacent streetview.
  • Hi guys

    Thanks for lettings us know and we're sorry about this! We're working on resolving it so please stay tuned for updates!

    Kind regards,
  • @Anton: out of pure curiosity, have you been able to replicate the issue? Given Steven's comments that it occurs at his place but not at his friend's place, I assume it isn't generalized so maybe it's hard to replicate?
  • @filipus : To be clear, the "only go one step" bug *does* happen at both my house and my friend's house.  It's only the "holding arrow key makes it goes back and forth in place" bug that differs depending on who's place we're playing at.
    Steven Mading
  • Same here. After almost a week, I'm losing hope this will ever get fixed. What a shame. RIP, GeoGuessr.
  • Seems to be fixed now - hopefully will stay that way. Thanks to all who got this sorted!
  • Yup it's fixed now. Good job Anton!
  • Yippie .. good and fine job. I am interested in what caused the problem .
  • Hi again,

    It was a bug on googles end, they've fixed it as you've noticed. Sorry about the inconvenience, they didn't seem aware of it when we asked them about it, so thanks and good job guys!

  • Thanks Mikael .. for the info.
  • Sorry I forgot something to say:
    Can you please remove the hint "We're currently experiencing ssome problems ..." from the top of the geoguessr screen ?
    Thank you.
  • Thank you team for solving the problems. "Normal service is resumed"
  • I'm gonna close this now. *Letting myself out* 😀
  • I sadly still experience this bug in 2019, Chrome browser.
  • Problem from Google since weeks. We can't do anything else than wait... It's a shame that it's still not fixed when they abusively increased their pricing a lot last year...
  • At least I'm not the only one to experience this...

    I see a cross on the road (an "X") when it happens, it seems to happen on roads with older pictures, but that isn't always the case.
  • Same here, in 2019, on Chrome, it doesn't seem to be fixed... I just payed 24 dollars for the subscription and now I wan't play...
  • The game runs fine so it's likely to be a problem with Google Street View:
    • try on and see if you have the same problem; if yes, then your browser or computer has a problem that has to be fix on your end
    • sometimes Google Street View acts weirdly and the movement is very slow, this started to become common recently so be sure to try more games to see if you just didn't get a bugged location; this is an issue from Google and not Geoguessr

    Be sure to update your browser, your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux etc) and your graphic drivers, also be sure to have acceleration hardware enabled in the browser settings, it really helps for performances.
  • I think it happened again. Anyone else has the problem rn?
  • It's been months, affects everyone and Google does nothing:
  • It was working fine for me earlier today, and I just tried it now and it seems to be working fine

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