Cannot create a new map

Creating a new map doesn't work. Tried to create a polygon region map and save it, however nothing happens. Looking at the XHR request, the server gives a response:

"message": "Invalid map specified.",
"statusCode": 400

Tried in Firefox 65.0 and Chrome 72.0.3626.71.
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  • Hi mikko,

    That's weird, let me try to recreate it, can you send me a screenshot of the map editor so I can see the polygon + settings when you try to save?

  • Is there perhaps a minimum size for the polygon? Because this map doesn't save:

    But this does:

    Tried it around a few random locations and as soon as the polygon got down to a certain size, the map stopped saving. Here's the actual JSON request for a map that doesn't save (roughly the same area as in the first screenshot):


  • Yep, there's a minimum count, 5 locations. But you shouldn't be able to click the save button if that isn't reached.. Which is how it is when creating a map with custom coordinates.

    Thanks for finding it, I'll fix it so you cant save if the polygon has less than 5 locations!
  • I see you pushed the fix. But if we create a polygon with less than 5 locations, and another one with less than 5 locations as well, even if the two polygons accumulate more than 5 locations the map still can't be saved. You should count all the polygon locations instead (also display it as well).

    Another small idea for the editor: add a pop-up warning when trying to refresh / close the tab / window or try to exit the editor by clicking another link. This would prevent loss of work because of a missclick etc.
  • Hi,

    you're quick! thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it.

  • How does this whole "locations" thing work? If I draw a polygon over plenty of streets that have streetview, that should already be hundreds of "locations" (every street view image). But it seems you understand something else when talking about those "locations" of which there need to be 5. So how do you make a poligon that contains all the streetview in a part of one city then?
  • I'm not a dev but I think this is how the game works:

    The polygon feature uses a database filled by pre-selected locations from all the world. They went this way to know where Streetview locations are available when creating a polygon. There is no simple way to select a panorama from a whole area other than the brute-force way aka "try and retry random coordinates until you get a valid coverage" and this would take too much time and resources to proceed this way.

    I assume they built this database probably by using brute-force way and saved all successful coordinates they got. It contains over 10 millions locations, you can see the number by drawing a polygon all over the world. This means some places may lack coverage because of the randomness way to get valid locations. Also newly added places on Streetview will also be missing as they need to refresh the database, which I suspect costs a lot because of the new Google API pricing (the same new pricing that leaded to the recent paywall). This also means coverage that got remove in the meanwhile is still saved in the database, leading to invalid locations (black screens).

    It's kinda hard to manage such database because of how instable Streetview coverage is. And since there is no way to tell the API "select any of the panoramas inside of this area" you're out of luck to select thousands of locations in a single town (except large towns). You can always try to use the manual location selection but you'll have to click thousands of times to cover the area. I myself do all my maps this way, takes lot of time but I know what I select to be sure players get valid locations.

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