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Cannot create a new map

Creating a new map doesn't work. Tried to create a polygon region map and save it, however nothing happens. Looking at the XHR request, the server gives a response:

"message": "Invalid map specified.",
"statusCode": 400

Tried in Firefox 65.0 and Chrome 72.0.3626.71.


  • Hi mikko,

    That's weird, let me try to recreate it, can you send me a screenshot of the map editor so I can see the polygon + settings when you try to save?

  • Is there perhaps a minimum size for the polygon? Because this map doesn't save:

    But this does:

    Tried it around a few random locations and as soon as the polygon got down to a certain size, the map stopped saving. Here's the actual JSON request for a map that doesn't save (roughly the same area as in the first screenshot):


  • Yep, there's a minimum count, 5 locations. But you shouldn't be able to click the save button if that isn't reached.. Which is how it is when creating a map with custom coordinates.

    Thanks for finding it, I'll fix it so you cant save if the polygon has less than 5 locations!
  • I see you pushed the fix. But if we create a polygon with less than 5 locations, and another one with less than 5 locations as well, even if the two polygons accumulate more than 5 locations the map still can't be saved. You should count all the polygon locations instead (also display it as well).

    Another small idea for the editor: add a pop-up warning when trying to refresh / close the tab / window or try to exit the editor by clicking another link. This would prevent loss of work because of a missclick etc.
  • Hi,

    you're quick! thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it.


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